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PanAfrican Energy Tanzania works to ensure that its activities are conducted safely, meet or exceed environmental standards and contribute to positive, sustainable outcomes.

PanAfrican Energy is also committed to improving the quality of life of Songo Songo Island residents. Since 2005, PanAfrican has been developing and implementing health and education programmes that have improved the health of the Songo Songo Islanders, provided education for the youth, trained and equipped new teachers and provided scholarships so that island youth could complete high school on the Tanzania mainland.

Songo Songo Island Education Resources Improvement

SongoSongo0133PanAfrican Energy is involved in providing ongoing assistance and educational materials to the community school on Songo Songo Island.  The company has assisted in upgrading the local elementary school facilities, and providing educational materials and equipment.  PanAfrican is also giving support to setting up a new secondary school on the island.

The Company has recruited a professional instructor for the learning centre to provide English language instructions, computer training and entrepreneurship skills to young adults on the Island.

kindergarten_2011_400pConstruction of a new kindergarten on the Island is well underway and at roofing stage. Once completed in June, the school will provide early education opportunity for children between 3 to 6 years including meals and health check ups.

PanAfrican Energy has also sponsored three teachers for college training in Dar es Salaam with the expectation that they will return to the island as teachers upon graduating. One graduated in February 2011. Two are expected to complete next year.


To boost local education capacity, PanAfrican Energy has also sponsored three teachers to attend Teacher Training College in Dar es Salaam, with the expectation upon graduating they will return to Songo Songo and use their new skills in the community’s school. In addition, PanAfrican Energy is sponsoring ten students from the island to attend Secondary School in Dar es Salaam.

Community Work

The company also has two permanent members of staff on the island who are engaged exclusively in community development work.

Life skill programmes 

learningCentrePanAfrican staff members on the island also dedicate their personal time to assist in the children’s clinic, where they provide community training in maternal healthcare, HIV awareness, nutrition and vaccination.

In addition, volunteer staff provide life skills training to students of Standard 4 and 6 on the prevention of HIV/ AIDS and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.