PanAfrican Energy provides ongoing assistance to the community school on Songo Songo Island.  The company has assisted in upgrading the local elementary school facilities, as well as providing needed educational materials and equipment.

PanAfrican is also supporting the kindergarten, which is providing early learning facilities for children aged between 3 and 6 years. In addition, these children are provided with meals and health check-ups.

PanAfrican Energy has also recruited a professional instructor for the learning centre, to provide English language instruction, computer training and entrepreneurship skills to young adults on the island.

Life Skill Programmes

PanAfrican staff members on the island also dedicate their personal time to assist in the children’s clinic, where they provide community training in maternal healthcare, HIV awareness, nutrition and vaccination.

In addition, volunteer staff provide life skills training to students of Standard 4 and 6 on the prevention of HIV/ AIDS and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.